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Premium Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20L Drum


These shuttles are the most convenient packaging for transporting larger quantities and are popular in the commercial sector. They hold 1000 litres are designed to cater for companies who want to transport  the oil securely for long trips weather by Road, Rail or by Sea.


Premium Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml, 750ml & 1L Bottles

Premium Harvest has a lighter taste and flavour profile, and is made with varietal selected olives that are harvested carefully for their ripeness allowing the oil to be mild in flavour, Mild EVOO is delicate, subtle and versatile – allowing the flavours of the food to really sing! Perfect for stir-frying, barbecuing, baking, sautéing and roasting.

Olive Blue or Premium Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bulk

Our 20 litre food grade drum of EVOO is popular with the high users of Olive Oil and a favorite in the hospitality industry. It comes with a bung hole for people who want to insert a tap for easy use.
The oil of your choice weather it is either a mild or robust can be filled for your palate.

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